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Michael Scott

Many thanks for the info David.

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Hi David
Is it the 10 vol stuff you used to be able to buy from Boots or do you have access to the 100 vol stuff which is quite corrosive I think, and would ring alarm bells if one tried to buy it these days?
On another topic, a few days ago I asked you, via this reflector, what sort of IR thermometer you used for surface mount soldering, but the message didn't appear so must have been lost in cyberspace!
Hello Mike.
Sorry the message was lost.
I did a reply for Andy giving the proportions as best I can remember, but the H2O2 is about 40 volume, perhaps a little less.  It can be purchased as 'developer' from Hair stylist suppliers. However, I do have access to 100 volume but sadly no higher. - I've always fancied trying to build a monopropellent thruster to demonstrate at the AMSAT colloquium. 100 vol with silver disc catylists work well enough for a demo, but for real applications 68% is the critical concentration. Beyond that, the conversion process generates Oxygen as expected but also superheated steam at temps up to 600 degrees.
The IR thermometer was purchased from RS components who were doing a special on them a couple of months ago.
The stock number is 411-122.  The datasheet will be at
It can be calibrated for various colours. That particular product also has a socket on the front to connect an external Type K thermocouple.
With a bit of research you can probably find them much cheaper from other suppliers. (It's almost certainly a relabelled product from another company)

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