Re: ATV activity in the UK?

Bart <shf2@...>


Thanks for the replies.
Maybe I can squeeze in a yagi for 23 cm and the receivers (analogue and dvb-s).

Also I was asked to post a reply on behalve of G3PYB

Hello Bart,

UK Network Day

We have an special activity day this weekend 22nd August, it is not a contest but we have arranged for at least 6 key stations with high power on high sites in the uk with different equipment from 70cm, 23, 3 cm maybe 13cm .
Long distant contact should be possible, the locations are in the note below and other information can be found on the batc forma …look at Chit chat.
This is a rare opportunity to have so many stations on high site many with DATV to promote activity especially in digital ATV.
I will be with Peter day on Merryton Low in the centre of England.
F3YX is also going to Boulogne to take part.

Regards Peter G3pyb

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