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Brian Flynn GM8BJF

I remember Fraser Shepard well. When I was at school here in Edinburgh there was a Radio Club in the school and he used to visit us regularly as he was an FP of the school. He lived in Dunfermline in Fife and owned a hotel. He and Harry Mackie GM3FYB also from Dunfermline built up a moonbounce setup on 70cm in the mid 1960s to do tests with a station at the Arecibo Dish in Puerto Rico. If I recall correctly they did not actually make a QSO but got a QRZ back from Aricibo. There was a picture of Harry Mackie beside the dish on the front of a copy of the RSGB Bulletin from about 1966 if anyone still has them!

He was quite a flamboyant character and was a very keen VHF operator,
mainly on 2m if I recall.

He died suddenly about 1970 of a heart attack and must have been relatively young. I dont know the origins of the award but it was set up after he died to commomorate his his name and contribution to VHF.

I am still in touch with people from the old school rqadio club who are still active and may have a better recollection of him.


Brian, GM8BJF

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Thanks to all for the responses to Sam's request - I have adequate detail now
for the presentation on Saturday.

Best 73,

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Sam wrote:
Now we all know who he was!
One of the true EME pioneers.
I have to admit that apart from his callsign, I knew nothing more of
him. A most fitting trophy for Joe Taylor at the up-coming EME
Yes indeed

But look who's on the opening frame of the YouTube video from 1965 - a
very young G3LTF! Peter is clearly yer man to ask about Fraser Shepherd.


73 from Ian GM3SEK

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