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One of the curses of our age! Too much information to read. I should have
searched more diligently for info on Fraser. He was indeed a remarkable person
and Joe is certainly a very deserving recipient of the FS award at the 14th
International EME Conference in Dallas.

The first Scottish 432MHz EME video on You Tube is very educational. (search on
You Tube 'G3LTF moon bounce')

Peter Blair, G3LTF, will be there to see the award presented to Joe, so
hopefully honour is restored?

I have resurrected my blog (access through my web page ) and as
long as I have access to WiFi at the Conference I will post pictures of the
presentation, on the blog, as well as other aspects of the EME Conference. For
now I am enjoying the view of the tarmac at Toronto airport and taking advantage
of the free WiFi access!

73 de Sam, G4DDK

Have netbook, will travel!

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Oh Dear Oh Dear,

I cannot believe I am reading this. I knew Fraser very well for many many years.
Fraser, GM3EGW and Harry GM3FYB were indeed incredible individuals. Please take
time to read my posting in this forum No. 21815 and look at the web link. It
highlights some of their activity in the 60's. lets not forget that Peter, G3LTF
was in the thick of it at that time as well and contributed immensely to the
progress in the VHF and microwave bands. He is still doing so today !

One thing I know for sure is that Fraser would have been honoured to present an
award to a person such as Joe Taylor.

Like Fraser and Harry, Joe has extended the boundaries of the art of

Best Regards
Ed Murphy


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