Re: 5.7 & 10 G report 27 June

Bart <shf2@...>

Hello to you all.
It was a nice day out with sun,sea and radio hobby.
Made some nice contacts,all of them with 2m talkback.
In the late afternoon i tried KST (found a free accespoint,but don't know where it was located) but there was only one reply from a OZ staion for a test.I ended with 5 qso's on 3cm and 3 on 6cm cm.

Probably I lost the sked with G4aly because i had to take down the 2m beam for putting up the antenna for wifi.Will try it next time.

Heard quite a few french an German beacons,but only 1 UK beacon.

It was fun and at the end of the day I left with a nice tan.

73 de Bart

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Apologies if you've already seen this e-mail - but changed the Subject heading so it doesn't appear to be a remnant from last week's reflections.....

GM All
Fine day up on the Brown Clee yesterday. Best session for some time, and despite certain previous comments, had 19 QSOs on 10G and 10 on 5.7G, with only one QSO on each band attributable to 'KST !
Best DX was Bart PA/ON4BV/P in JO11 on both bands SSB. Also made it both bands this time with Ralph G4ALY down in IO70. Several QSOs were 'tail-enders' - it's always worth checking one's own frequency before going back to CQ or whatever.
'KST worked reliably all day for once, as we previously changed the dongle from Vodafone to Orange, which has a cell on the Clee. However, pse be patient if you use that mode - it is quite different using a laptop /P to having it running at home for all sorts of reasons.
As a group, we far prefer 'Real Radio' for microwave contests, and use computers for the things it's best at !
Oh yes -----we had 24G with us, but despite a couple of DX tests, no QSOs resulted. Roll on the 24/47/76 cumulative next month. We'll be a-rovin' .

73 Martyn G3UKV (Telford &DARS group)

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