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Brian Flynn GM8BJF

I was intersted to see this thread as one who teaches UG and PG students in E&EE and replying made a useful distraction from marking my RF Engineering 4 exam papers as it it that time of year!

I am in a university where we still beleive that the basics are important. We still run courses in Electromag and RF Engineering (Which was formally known as Applications of Electromagnetics. We decided this title was a bit off-putting for the students a couple of years ago ;-) ) which I teach.

I agree that the whole subject has got a whole lot wider since the halcyon days of the 1970s. At work we have long debates about what we should and should not be teaching and inevitably some areas are covered in more depth that others. At the end of the day we cant do everthing. We have industrial advisory boards but they usually just grind their own axes and are not always very helpful. In some respects in Scotland we are luckier in that BEngs are 4 years and MEngs are 5 yearrs.

I find the students are not put off by the hard stuff despite the press they generally get and it is probably worth remembering that in general they have more pressures over money and employment worries than was the case in the late 60s and 70s (remember grants!)


Brian, GM8BJF

From one of the larger universities in Edinburgh

PS this is a bit off topic.

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