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Liviu Babi wrote:
I am asking that just because I use only N connectors at 1.7 KW out for 144 MHz EME for last 3 years and a friend of mine told me I was lucky. Not any faults even in 24 hours EME contest in digital mode. Have very good swr 1:1 at 1,7 KW out.

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Hi Liviu
A good N type should be capable of handling 1kW so long as the VSWR is low and the plug and socket are in good condition. Be aware that recently manufactured cheap commercial N types may use polypropylene insulation instead of PTFE, and they will melt at high powers.
Worn N types may have poor female centre contact pressure, leading to local hot spots that can destroy the connector. Unused "Precision N" female connectors may be worth looking for - they usually have 6 or 8 gold plated splines on the female connector inner and should exhibit lower contact resistance.
John G3XDY

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What power can handle a good N connector ?

Hi Livi, safer to use 7/16 connectors above 1KW. N-type don't make very good fuses Hi.
Have a chat with the SM and OZ guys, they may be able to help. Also when I am in SM/OZ in May, I will have a look for you.

Russ ... g4pbp

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