Re: GB3SCX now back up with JT4G

Keith GW3TKH

Decoding regularly at 98Km
73 Keith

From: pjm <pauljmarsh@...>
To: ukmicrowaves@...
Sent: Friday, 14 August, 2009 11:24:01
Subject: [ukmicrowaves] GB3SCX now back up with JT4G


Hi all,

John G0API and Andy G4JNT have just put the Bell Hill 10GHz beacon back on the air. It now sends the usual CW ID but now has JT4G also. The 'tone 0' is 10368.905 - you need to tune so this lowest tone is about 800Hz in the speaker and the highest tone is about 1750Hz.

Please could you take a listen and send appropriate reception reports!

thanks and regards,

Paul M0EYT.

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