Re: 10Ghz in EI today... update!

Dave Ackrill <dave.g0dja@...>

Tony Gallagher wrote:
I headed to IO52MT on Woodcock Hill Limerick, unfortunately no qso was possible here, distance was about 130Km and we were both over 600-700ft ASL. I was a little disapointed!
What was interesting was we both heard each on very quick burst on FM, about S6, The bursts were about 5 seconds and had alot of very very fast fluttering. I wonder was this tropo or some sort of scatter?
130km is a bit ambitious for a first contact, and the propagation you describe sounds very like aircraft scatter.

If it had been rain scatter, that would sound more like an Aurora signal.

The classic way to describe aircraft scatter is that you hear a 'chuff, chuff' type of noise. Often described as being like an old steam train moving away from a station.

Dave (G0DJA)

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