10Ghz in EI today... update!

Tony Gallagher <tony_g_ireland@...>

Hi everyone,
Worked EI3IX/EI7FAB/P today from Galway IO53PK or there abouts. They were in IO53LU
Distance was about 50-60Km. Signals 9+ were exchanged. Tried FM on 10Ghz for the first time today, which was pretty nice!
I headed to IO52MT on Woodcock Hill Limerick, unfortunately no qso was possible here, distance was about 130Km and we were both over 600-700ft ASL. I was a little disapointed!
What was interesting was we both heard each on very quick burst on FM, about S6, The bursts were about 5 seconds and had alot of very very fast fluttering.
I wonder was this tropo or some sort of scatter?

For setting the dishes bearing, I used Martyns method of standing infront of the dish. This worked perfectly!!! Thanks for that.

I think my next purchase is a cw beacon keyer for setting up. Can anyone recommend something cheap? I'm getting hoarse calling and calling!!



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