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Hello Chris - if you new to 23cm then *welcome* - it is one of the best microwave bands..
Keep the *rule of thumb* for any coax loss at 1dB or less - not sure of antenna prices in the UK but here in ZL we build our own, because we can't buy them locally  - a loop Yayi - 33 elements will work great - cost to build is about 5 pound. A days work to cut the strips and mount on a 19mm boom. They are not critical in dimensions - the word would be less forgiving as compared to say a Yagi design.
Get something up in the air first - I used for many year a single loop Yagi and only 25 watts and had some great internal ZL contacts (350km) and beacons (550km) including VK many times at (2100km) portable - so when the troposheric ducting is in, she is magic..
The good thing about 23cm, you can work many to begin with, and over time you can upgrade your station. It's an active band. Since my days of 25 watts and a loop Yagi (and a lot of activity growth) have upgraded to 150 watts (W6PQL) and a stack of 4 Yagi's(120 elements) in total. That really helped with my limited home station QTH...
Cheers - Steve

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Hi I have just put the 23cm unit into my IC910 and I need some help with what beam and coax to use on the 23cm band
thanks Chris GM4YLN

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