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Thanks Peter,
I suppose if I was to buy it, I could expand it and upgrade over time.
I might do that..... Need to break open the piggy bank!

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Tony Gallagher wrote:
Hi, I'm considering getting into 24Ghz, but I dont want to spend too
much money. Is it worth buying a 0.2mw Khune system, which I would
work with a 60cm dish? Or is the 0.2mw system only for use into an
amp or could I actually work it barefoot?
200mW is flea power Tony but I worked 148km with my barefoot transverter
many years ago. Mind you it was a line of sight path:-)

I found it worked about the same as my old 50mW gunn diode wideband
system though it was a better receiver. I now run 2 watts and have a
good three stage gaAsFET preamp in front of the mixer so I can work very
obstructed paths at times and also 24GHz rainscatter.

You'll need a (semi)local pal with similar gear if you are to work
anyone with some certainty. Once you move up to the higher power then it
will be possible to have QSOs across the Irish Sea, provided someone
over here goes to the west coast of Wales to be at the other end. It's
been done before by "English expeditionary forces" from G3ZME :-)


Peter G3PHO

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