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Hi Sam,
Well I am listening to the Apollo 11 audio "in real time" whilst drafting a press announcement a new, UK funded,  amateur radio satellite project which will be released at the AMSAT-UK Colloquium this coming Saturday.
Not in the same league as Apollo of course but exciting none the less:)
best 73
Graham G3VZV

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To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing I ran some tests with WW2R today on 23cm EME.
In spite of signal levels that we confidently expected to work, there was not a single decode on JT4G or even on JT4E. Moving to JT65C it was 100% decode.
Signal levels were strong enough for us to have what may have been our first 23cm CW QSO as well. I need to check my log. Reports on CW were just Os but that is enough.
Interestingly, Dave operated his station completely remotely from his office in Richardson. I guess he got in early!
Dave will post a more complete report on the two moon reflectors later today and post results to Joe for analysis.

So, very interesting. How are you going to celebrate the 40th anniversary of man's greatest achievement?    

73 de Sam

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