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Ray <gm4cxm@...>

Hi all,
If like me you enjoy listening to music of very different origins, no longer have a record deck but have amassed lots of 33/45rpm records that now just gather dust, fed up buying albums/CD's of which only 2 or 3 tracks come up to your expectations, then this is for you.
Personally I prefer 60's/70's pop, popular rock (not heavy!), folk music, early C&W and a bit of bluegrass.
Recently I was watching the BBC "Click" programme and it mentioned the first P2P software to be acceptable to the music industry had been launched initially in the UK, USA will follow later this year.
Spotify provides a free listening service of CD quality music streaming (not downloaded) to your PC. You search for whoever you want to listen to and can list either all the singles or total albums tracks the singer or group have ever issued.
Spotify has certainly changed the way we listen to music in our house now. Just listening to all of Marianne Faithfull's library as I type this!

73 Ray GM4CXM

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