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Tony Gallagher <tony_g_ireland@...>

Sorry, I should have mentioned, we tried two different FT290s, MK1 and a MK2 and also with two brand new transverters!!!! Makes things even more confusing! :)


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This weekend we were setting up the other two 10Ghz kits and getting them ready for air.
However we encountered a very odd problem.
The units are Demi 10Ghz units to be used with FT290s using the DC voltage from the rig over the IF to key it.
The transverter will work and TX correctly when used with my FT817 which is modded to send 5VDC over the IF on TX, but it wont work with the FT290s!!!
The 5VDC on the IF is present from the FT290 radio when the radio transmits but when its connected to the Demi, the IF voltage drops from 5VDC to 1.2Volts, I assume this drop is causing the Demi to not switch to TX mode. Why is this happening?

Thanks in advance everyone.


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