Re: 10GHz and a distinct lack of success - Confirm TC OK

Brian Flynn GM8BJF

David, Gordon,

I can confirm that it is on. I can hear it in Edinburgh with my injection locked LNB on my roof.

Signal is normal strength. Makes a great bistatic rain radar!


Brian GM8BJF.

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Hi Gordon,

Just a quick update...
I can confirm TC is on and radiating OK.

I can hear it this morning, dish balanced on a table, its usual marginal
self here.
Also a report form Mark GM4ISM in Larkhall, endstopping with him..

Need to meet up and check your gear out !

Cheers, DAvid

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I've got a satellite LNB that I picked up at an amateur rally at the
weekend. I built a simple power injector with an RF choke consisting of
3 turns on a 2mm former and a 100pF DC blocking capacitor, and fed 12V
into this arrangement and connected the output to my TH-F7E.

I now have pretty much full-scale noise, falling off a bit towards
600MHz. A little earlier I was able to pick up what I suspect was Ray
GM4CXM sending dashes, all of 4km north of me. I tried picking up
GB3TC, but found that I couldn't hear it until I was approximately 300m
from the transmitter!

When I was there, the signal was very "choppy" and hard to tune, but I
was able to hear the ident once a minute in among the noise.

Presumably this setup is just a little too simple to actually work well.
Has anyone else had much success with this kind of equipment?

Gordon MM3YEQ


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