Re: 10GHz and a distinct lack of success

Alan Melia

Hi Gordon, I was tempted to buy at a Rally but when you look at the asking
price and see that CPC is selling a single output dual frequency/dual
polarisation LNB for about 5 including VAT with a stated (but suspect !!)
NF of 0.2dB !! CPC also sell a DC block/injector cheaper than you can but
the connectors for it.

I had no trouble receiving the local beacon which is just less than 1km I
suppose. The signal did disappear when the leaves came out on the trees. I
can confirm these newer LNBs are quite stable I can receive the beacon for
minutes on end using an FRG-9600 as the 618MHz IF on SSB mode.

I find a 0dBm to +10dBm source around 144Mhz fed directly to a Marconi diode
mixer/detector provides a good marker signal for local comparisons and

Best Wishes
Alan G3NYK

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