Re: Activity List for the First 5.7/10/24GHz Cumulative - Sunday 31st May 09:00-

Tony Gallagher <tony_g_ireland@...>

All going to plan, I hope to be on 3 rock, just south of Dublin, about 1600feet ASL I think.
60cm Demi 10ghz with 2.5watts.
Should have 2m talkback, definately will have KST and Skype : tonygallagher_ei4ghb

Will aim to be there at 12 local time.

I can bring 23cm kit also if anyone would like to try!
I'll confirm via the refelctor later in the week.


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Hi Tony & Richard

I will be on Winter hill on Sunday and I would be happy to try and see if we can make it. I was looking at the path the other day and it looks like a sea path, just grazing the north coast of Anglsey. I will be on ON4KST and I will have low power (10W) 144.175 talkback.

Let me know roughly when you will be around.

Gear is Downeast Microwave transverter 1.8W to a 45cm dish with a penny feed arrangement.




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is there likely to be much activity?
Hi Tony

Last year there were a few stations active although many might be too far to work under normal conditions. You should stand a chance with Bob on Winter Hill IO83ro/rp. If I am certain that you will be there I could perhaps go to Anglesey (Holyhead Mountain). That would be a very easy hop and would give you Wales (it would be a poor choice for my wider contest ambitions though!). If you did want to try with me it would have to be right at the start of the contest so that I could relocate to somewhere better later in the day.



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