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I tried my technique of level measurement on DJ5BVs strong RS signal. He measured up to -112dBm, although a little peak energy will have been lost in the Doppler sidebands.
This is interesting as Gerd was getting so many 59s reports. This equates to about 19dB below an IARU definition of S9!

I'm not raising this as any sort of issue but merely illustrating how misleading the current 'S' system can be!

2 new squares on 3cm. I love the rain!

And 2 new squares (and initials) on 13cm EME this morning.

73 de Sam

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On 26 May 2009, at 12:35, "G3XDY" <g3xdy@...> wrote:

One thing I noted in yesterday evening's good RS opening was the way that
dog-leg paths that normally don't seem to work were possible. I heard DJ5BV
(JO30) consistently on a heading of about 165 degrees, he would have been
beaming south of West so the path had a near right angle reflection,
similarly F6APE in IN97 (west south west of the scatter point) was worked on
the same heading. I also had a good backscatter contact with Neil G4BRK.
Signals were not huge, indicating that the losses were higher than on the
more direct paths, but it demonstrates that RS will work over significant
distances in any direction if the storm is sufficiently intense, regardless
of the path geometry.


John G3XDY


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