Re: Activity List for the First 5.7/10/24GHz Cumulative - Sunday 31st May 09:00-20:00 UTC

Brian Flynn GM8BJF

PS My personal beacon is on 10,368.080 +/- a bit of drift and should be audible in Livingston if you find a clear spot to the east.


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Hi Dave,

I could try 10 G and even 24 G if you are onTuesday or Weds

I am in Edinburgh (io85jv) but have a very clear take-off towards Glasgow


Brian, GM8BJF

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Eddie G0EHV wrote:

Both Rob (M0DTS) and myself (G0EHV) will be out /P on Sunday.
Not looking good for me I'm afraid to say.

Having thought I might be OK, as we wont be having my grand-daughter
over to stay that weekend, it's now less likely as my partners youngest
daughter has decided to 'organise' a party for Kate's birthday (which is
on Friday) involving various members of the family and Kate's
Grandchildren coming to our place over the weekend.

As with all of these sorts of chaotic events organised by someone else
at short notice I'm now not sure what's going to happen on Sunday.
However, I may persuade Kate that what she will want to do is have a lie
in on Sunday to get over the events and I'll nip out for a few hours to
play radio.

However, it's likely to have to be a local spot and not a commanding

I also hope to do a trial of the larger dish in the week on a trip for
work up to Ayr, on Tuesday evening, and a place between Edinburgh and
Glasgow on Wednesday evening if I can get the gear sorted out on Monday.

Dave (G0DJA)

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