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Gordon JC Pearce <gordon@...>

On Tue, 2009-05-26 at 10:31 +0100, Dave Ackrill wrote:

I'm not sure of the area, whether there's any good places to operate or
even how long I might have to be on air, but I shall take the 3cm
transverter, a couple of dishes and a small 2M/70cm antenna (the SOTA
beam) plus a couple of small 2M/70cm handhelds, if there are repeaters
that I can use, and the FT817 with me in case there's a chance and a
good spot to go to.
Hi there, I'm new to the list and new to 3cm ;-)

I'm up in Glasgow and I normally have either GB3CS or GB3AY on - AY is
down near Dalry so if you're in or about Ayr you'll get into it no
problem if you want a chat. There's also GB3PA but that's on the "wrong
side of the hill" for you in Ayr. Livingston is in the infamous
"Livingston Dip" where there's a hole in GB3CS's coverage, but you
should be okay with a car-mounted aerial. I'm not really active on 70cm
much, so I can't really comment on the 70cm repeaters.

I'm sure you know that there's GB3TC up near Kilsyth. From my home QTH
I've had only very limited success in hearing its beacon using a Sky LNB
and my TH-F7E with a homebrewed power tee. If I can tidy up the
construction a bit then I might take it out and see if I can hear you.

Gordon MM3YEQ

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