Scotland Trip

Dave Ackrill <dave.g0dja@...>

I'm off on a business trip for a couple of days, starting with Ayr today (site meeting tomorrow) and moving to Livingstone Wednesday night for a second site visit on Thursday and then back home.

I'm not sure of the area, whether there's any good places to operate or even how long I might have to be on air, but I shall take the 3cm transverter, a couple of dishes and a small 2M/70cm antenna (the SOTA beam) plus a couple of small 2M/70cm handhelds, if there are repeaters that I can use, and the FT817 with me in case there's a chance and a good spot to go to.

I will have the PC and access to the internet, as long as the Vodaphone signals are good enough, but experience tells me that using a PC in the car isn't ideal, so I will have my mobile phone with me on 07595 069056. This is my company number, so will be switched off when I'm in meetings but please respect the fact that I can't talk about Amateur Radio when I'm supposed to be at work. :-)

The gear set up isn't ideal either, as I've yet to sort out a decent way of mounting the dishes with the transveter and the IF radio, but I will do my best with what I have got to hand.

I'll be leaving home about mid-day so I'll look at my emails on here before I go in case anyone has any last minute suggestions for hills to go to that are not too difficult to get onto.

Hope to work someone, somewhere, over the next couple of days.

Cheers - Dave (G0DJA)

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