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The 25th May certainly produced some interesting propagation. Well done Richard for sticking with it--operating /P is never easy, as those who do go portable will realise. Congrats on your new ODX 3cms.

Good conditions started to form the previous day and I worked stations on 23cms, including DK7QX JO42 and 3cms--PA2M JO21.

On the 25th I woke early and as things looked promising to check conditions. A number of 3cm beacons were 'end stop' including ON0RUG and DB0GHZ. GB3CAM was the strongest yet. Despite excellent conditions I only managed to work a couple of 23cm contacts. The summer months often produce good microwave conditions early in the morning---4.45am!! Only one station was around to test with on 3cms, OZ1FF; we worked at 539 both ways. After breakfast I left operating and, like Richard bussied myself with another 'project'; in my case a 5 element 6m yagi. (I had tested it the day before--first call with 2.5w from the trusty 817 produced EA1CJF via 'E' with the antenna resting on garden trellis just 2m over ground.Too easy!)

I had been watching the weather and knew of the storm system and possibilities for RS. Unfortunately for the early part of the day most of the potential scatterpoints were either too far or outside my azimuth window. However things looked more promising in the early evening. After listening for 30mins or so I located a scatterpoint scp and started to make contacts. For a change this included a number of French stations---normally difficult for this location. Gerd, DJ5BV was an excellent signal throughout the evening and must be one of the most active RS devotees around. The only problem was there were a number of scp's available at the same time. At one point the band was suffering qrm due perhaps a dozen or more people operating from the same scp in the 20kcs above .100 .

I was about to call a halt to operating when I heard a strong ssb sig --- it was Rob M0DTS who at times reached 59 with little if any RS distortion. My antenna was pointing S at the time--completely wrong direction for normal LOS to Rob.(6 degree elevation) Rob like Richard had gone /P on Rosedale in the N. York moors and like Richard Rob had been rewarded with a contact with Gerd.

Throughout the day the tropo signal from DB0GHZ was at 589 or better showing the N. Sea effect was also in place.

Gordon G0EWN

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