Re: Activity List for the First 5.7/10/24GHz Cumulative - Sunday 31st May 09:00-

Martyn G3UKV

Hi Tony et al
All being well, we'll be QRV this Sunday as follows:-
G3ZME/P. Location Brown Clee IO82QL.
5.7GHz, 10GHz, 24 GHz
Talkback 144.175 MHz (preferred) and KST (likely). Mobile phone 07932 927887
For 24 GHz, may also operate a second site if the activity warrants it - late afternoon.
73  Martyn G3UKV

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I'm thinking of heading to Dublin again this Sunday, is there likely to be much activity?
I ask because its a 5-6 hour round trip!

--- In, Dave Ackrill ...> wrote:
> Eddie G0EHV wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > Both Rob (M0DTS) and myself (G0EHV) will be out /P on Sunday.
> Not looking good for me I'm afraid to say.
> Having thought I might be OK, as we wont be having my grand-daughter
> over to stay that weekend, it's now less likely as my partners youngest
> daughter has decided to 'organise' a party for Kate's birthday (which is
> on Friday) involving various members of the family and Kate's
> Grandchildren coming to our place over the weekend.
> As with all of these sorts of chaotic events organised by someone else
> at short notice I'm now not sure what's going to happen on Sunday.
> However, I may persuade Kate that what she will want to do is have a lie
> in on Sunday to get over the events and I'll nip out for a few hours to
> play radio.
> However, it's likely to have to be a local spot and not a commanding
> altitude.
> I also hope to do a trial of the larger dish in the week on a trip for
> work up to Ayr, on Tuesday evening, and a place between Edinburgh and
> Glasgow on Wednesday evening if I can get the gear sorted out on Monday.
> Dave (G0DJA)

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