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If there's going to be alot of contest activity I might try to make it up earlier. Its just that I'll be driving from Mayo in the North West to Dublin and the traffic coming into Dublin wil be crazy due to bank holiday and the match. I'll aim to be there by two in that case. I'll be on KST when I'm there. What time is the contest running from?


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Do you really mean Sunday 4pm to 8pm? I suspect most people will have packed
up before then and certainly the contests will have finished.

Neil, G3RIR
Hoping for some 23cm QSOs over the weekend

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Hi everyone,
Just to let you know I'll be active Sunday 3rd May from 3 Rock in Dublin on
Sunday WX permitting. 2M, 70cm, 23cm and 10Ghz. I'll have KST with me for
scheds. Not sure of time yet as I expect Dublin traffic to be heavy due to
major football/rugby matches on in the capital, but I'm hoping 4pm to 8pm.




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