Re: 24/47/76GHz Cumulatives Sunday 3 May

Brian Flynn GM8BJF

--- In, Peter Day <microwaves@...> wrote:

Is anyone planning to be on for this contest? I don't want to go out /P
if there is no one to work, within a reasonable range :-)

I will go to MERRYTON LOW IO93AD51 to start with (by 0900z) but will
move to Alport IO93FB44 and other suitable sites if activity warrants it.


G3PHO/P: IO93AD, IO93FB, etc
24GHz: 2W output 60cm odffest dish
47GHz: 22mW CW/FM. 35cm offset dish
Talkback: 144.175MHz ssb 50W 9 ele yagi
KST: Vodaphone broadband mobile

I will be near Gatehouse at 1075WV with 10 and 24 GHz. Runnin 1Watt on both bands.

Brian, GM8BJF.

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