Re: OT: Anyone out there used a 'Kindle'?

Christopher Bartram <cbartram@...>

David wrote:

I'm now looking at the Sony one.....
Which handles PDF's IIRC. It's on my fantasy Christmas present list!

However, it seems to me that electronic books have a couple of intrinsic
problems. Firstly, they are only really useful away from a computer. Perhaps
it's me, but when I read text books I often have two or three open, so that I
can cross-refer.

Also, E-books suffer from a similar problem to the real thing: they are too
small and easily left on public transport etc. I don't really mind loosing a
ten quid paperback, but I'd start to grieve if I left a UKP200 e-book on the

Given current prices, I wonder if a netbook mightn't be a better solution...

Enough displacement activity - back to the VAT!

Vy 73


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