OT: Anyone out there used a 'Kindle'?

Joe McElvenney <ximac@...>


I've got a pile of textbooks in pdf format and it would be lovely
to have them in a convenient form such as on an Amazon 'Kindle' or
perhaps the Sony equivalent. The question is, how well do these
things handle schematics, graphics or maths? What are they like to
use in general; as touchy-feely as a paperback?

Of course they are way over-priced but Christmas is only eight
months away. A time when I can buy myself a present without
feeling guilty should folks say, "That's nice. How much was it?".
"Two hundred quid! You must have more money than sense", - a
sentiment I can't generally argue with. The lack of sense, that
is, but not the surfeit of money part.

Cheers - Joe G3LLV

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