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Can anyone recomend a low cost 10Mhz reference for my transverter?


Define low cost?

If you want GPS locked then the G4JNT or G3RUH designs. G4JNTs is
cheaper but you have to build it yourself, price depends on your
junkbox. A commercial reference, GPS locked from James will only cost
you £240.

For a stable not-gps-locked oscillator, I believe Charles at Taurus
still has some of the NEC/TOYO oven references. They are excellent for
the money.

Other options are old second hand HP gear, e.g. frequency counters and
signal generators which often contain an exceptional reference
oscillator that is well aged and very stable.
A visit to a rally where you might find something like HP 5328,
5342, 5345 and similar counters may yield a HP10811 standard,
which is probably one of the best available. If you find a counter
with a blown-up front end, you could get a bargain, but check that
nobody else has been there earlier. Some signal generators also
use the HP standard.

Alternatively some surplus Trimble GPSDO were made available via
TAPR last year, but they may be cheaper to import directly to the

If you are going portable, then the lower power consumption and
quick lock-up time of the G4JNT system may pay dividends.

73 Geoff

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