Re: Victim of Geography

g0mjw <mike.willis@...>

Maybe it is time to stop complaining about unfair contest rules and
locations and concentrate more on operating skills?

Back to repairing the 10GHz system.

73 de Sam
I agree absolutely operator skill is very important, but we are not
attempting to attract skilled operators - reaching to the converted is
not the aim. We want new microwave enthusiasts. If we are to encourage
the unskilled yet interested to become skilled, we have to at least
give them some encouragement so they might feel they are achieving

If you and John swapped places, John may win though you are a good op
too. If John came here, you would definitely win. It is a completely
different world here, I know as I have been contesting in both at VHF
and up. You would do better with a dipole from the east coast than
with a large beam from here.

Dave does very well because he is in a good location, but he does not
do anything like as well as he would if he were were you are.

I like Andy's suggestion. But I would still like to see just once a
contest where it was working UK stations that mattered.

Has anyone noticed what the RSGB has done to the popular VHF AFS
contest rules? Now it is just another contest where DX is king.


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