Re: PIC 18F2220 source?

Joe McElvenney <ximac@...>


Thanks Chris and Andy for your help and I've added Chris Tredwell to
my list. For some reason Andy, I didn't think RS had them in stock.
Perhaps I left 'PIC' off in the search box. As it happens they have
just the one left which I've ordered with a couple of other bits to
makeweight. There doesn't seem to be a delivery charge BTW - just the
dreaded VAT.

Where I worked in the Middle East there was an agent for RS who
charged well over the odds. When I complained about his prices saying
that I could get it for so-and-so in the UK, he used to reply, in his
polite eastern manner, "Why don't go to the UK and get it then."

But, you're probably going to say you've tried and there's a ludicrous
minimum order charge :-(
As I'm of Scots ancestry and live in Yorkshire, what else do you
expect me to say? Digikey, last time I looked, were charging a £12
handling fee (Farnell charge over £15 if they have to ship from

I went to an auto-electrician recently to have an airbag cable
repaired that I couldn't reach under the driver's seat of my Rover 75.
He wanted to put it on the computer to diagnose what I'd already told
him was wrong. When I said, "No thanks; I don't want to pay you for
that as well", he told me to shove-off. Subsequently I had it done for
a knock-down price up the road. :-)

If you're really stuck I can lend you one (already programmed with the
ZAZ hardware), replace when they're back in.
Thanks for the kind offer but one will be enough as I'm only playing.

Cheers - Joe G3LLV

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