Re: PIC 18F2220 source?

Chris Ruddy MM0KOS

HI All

I used Mode components for the same IC and was delivered quickly
(less than a week). Im Sure Chris Tredwell, a fellow amateur will be
more than happy to supply you with the component.

Thanks Chris MM0KOS

--- In, "Andy Talbot" <andy.g4jnt@...>

Oh yes - 'out of stock' in large unfriendly letters.
RS do have them for immediiate delivery at £3.65 each. I have an
account with RS, but believe they now sell direct.

But, you're probably going to say you've tried and there's a
minimum order charge :-(

If you're really stuck I can lend you one (already programmed with
ZAZ hardware), replace when they're back in.

Andy G4JNT

2008/10/15 Joe McElvenney <ximac@...>:

Thanks to Andy and Chris but "Nil Stock Rules" at Farnell. It is
fault, I should have said that I'd tried 'the usual suspects'.
you, I waited most of the month for them to get some 16F887's in
so I
suppose I can wait for the 18F2220's.

On occasions, when I've asked folks for a component source, I get
pointed at Digikey - great if you don't mind their charges :-(

73 de Joe, G3LLV

Andy G4JNT

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