Re: 23 cms

John E. Beech

Hi All,
Tnx to everone who listened or called me today. I managed to work Russ G4PBP 57-58 on 1296.200
I heard G4CKR at 529 and the beacons 'CLE 529 & 'MHL 519 but in and out of the noise. May have heard Sam, might have been' CKR but needed a longer call to resolve speech. Some issue with LO stability. Probably lack of PSU regulation.

Called CQ on all beam headings from 12:40 until 14:00 & then went to pub fer a pint!

73 de John G8SEQ

It's a wet old morning out there, John. That shouldn't stop 23cm
signals, however.
Can you give me a locator (even approx) for your portable operation,

Keep dry.

73 de Sam, G4DDK

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