Re: Portable KST access

Tony Gallagher <tony_g_ireland@...>

What I'm using for mobile KST acess is my Iphone. It works a treat!
Even if the GPRS/3G modem in my laptop cant get a signal! I've tried
it on many hills and its great. The data transfer level is quite low
so I'm not going to eat up into my download limit. Before you try
this though, its best to check how much your paying for data connections.



--- In, "Uffe Lindhardt" <pa5dd@...> wrote:

I used a metal book support to do the same some years ago in JO55KR.
It must be down to some flaw in the GPRS protocol.

My personal suspicion is that it happens when the operators use too
large "location areas", whereby the mobiles can drift to bases too
distant for the max GSM timing advance without doing (and failing) a
location update.

The trick in JO55KR was to get the phone to camp on the local base
station (which was behind a hill), and to shield it from the distant
island base, with which we had line-of-sight.

73 Uffe PA5DD

--- In, "Richard Newstead" <g3cwi@> wrote:

I have made a prototype KST access system. Experience shows that
mobile phones often perform poorly on hilltops. This can be for one
of two reasons: weak signals or too many strong signals. Thus I have
made a corner reflector inside which I have suspended my mobile
phone. The reflector is made of cardboard covered in baking foil
(real Blue Peter stuff!). This should help with both potential
problems. Photo at:

Cost <£1, time to make <10 minutes.

I may head up to Axe Edge with 10GHz later to test it.



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