Re: 5.7/10 GHz dual band feed ?

bart_ghz <shf2@...>

Thanks for the fast replies with usefull info I've got via this
reflector and direct via mail.
I need to do some more reading/building and some testing in my garden.

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Recently I finished my 5.7 GHz station and it's time to work on the
antenna so I can do some tests..My idea was to use sepparate offset
dishes for 3 an 5.7 GHz.68cm for 10 GHz and 78cm for 5.7GHz.
But do some of you have experiance with dual band feeds?

The only thing i can find is the W5LUA design and that is for an f/d
of 0.4 and the dual band ringfeed design.

Since the 5.7 GHz dish is bigger than the 3 cm dish,i could live
not the max gain on 3 cm.

Second qestion is,has anyone experiance with using offset dishes
are 90° turned?Is there a reason why this is not often seen?

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