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Hello Tony

So I might be able to put a low profile antenna outside. Would anyone
recomend a Wimo panel? They are about 140euros and claim a gain of
14db with a beam width of about 30degrees. Its lower profile than a
yagi so the neighbours and yl will be happy! Is there any compromise
to using a Panel antenna apart from a Yagi's gain can be much higher.
In Ireland, you're going to be on the very edge of European 23cm activity.
Even here in south-west Wales, a couple of hundred km further east, the bands
above 1GHz are hard going, and need good equipment. To make a reasonable
number of QSOs, except possibly in major openings, you need to have the best
equipment you can put together. The antenna is particularly crucial. An
antenna with only 14dB gain (I assume over an isotropic source) isn't going
to be enough and you'll find it very frustrating indeed! The extra visual
impact of say a 2.5 or 3m long, 20dBi yagi over the panel antenna isn't
likely to be a major factor, as it will look more like a television antenna.
The 6dB extra gain may not sound a lot, but it is! An awful lot of microwave
ssb/cw QSOs take place at S/N ratios of less than 6dB...

To partially quote the immortal Mrs Doyle: 'G'wan, g'wan, g'wan, g'wan' put-up
a proper antenna!

Vy 73

GW4DGU in IO71

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