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Tony Gallagher <tony_g_ireland@...>

Hi everyone,
Thanks for your advice and your comments. I have to put something up,
I'd love to start working europe on 23cm!. I think I would get away
with a Yagi and possibly a small rotator, neighbours or yl shouldnt
mind to much!. Sorry if this is a silly question, but is height ASL
any advantage while working tropo?



--- In, geoffrey pike <gi0gdp@...> wrote:

Hi Tony,
Are you anyway good with your hands?, if so then i suggest making 4
x26 element DL6WUs the visual impact is low. Gain about the same as 55
ele Tonna.
This is what i had for a long time and used a £39 Maplin offset
rotator to turn it all.
In the black and white days i even used a modified uhf TV aerial and
could listen to GB3MC on 1297 dead when its was on Winter Hill ,ah the
Good luck and perhaps we will make the path IO74 to 52 soon,
Geoff Pike

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From: Ray <gm4cxm@...>
Subject: [ukmicrowaves] Re: 1.2Ghz opperation...
Date: Wednesday, 9 July, 2008, 12:41 AM

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Hi everyone,
A quick question. At the moment I cant put up any large antennas on
the QTH, but I was wondering if its worth me looking at putting a
1,2ghz panel antenna on my Chimney and fixing it to the UK/central
europe? The panel has about 13db gain. Im in io52 and only about 30ft
ASL. Am I waisting my time and money or is it possible that tropo
allow me to work into the UK or even europe?

Thanks in advance everyone.


Hi Tony,
As already advised, any antenna is better than no antenna but perhaps
you could clarify what to you is a "large" antenna?

A 28el Wimo yagi is only 1.5m, a 23el Tonna is similar and a 44el el
Wimo is 3m in length. All these can be explained as a new TV aerial!
Is mounting a rotator a problem....even a light weight VHF type?
The particular flat panel you mention has a 33 degrees beamwidth and
if fixed to just across southern England and part of the continent
then frustration could soon set in if openings occur to Spain, France,
Skandinavia and dare I say it...Scotland and you can't take advantage
and we can't work you.

Certainly the flat panel is better than nothing but a small rotator
would make a big difference. A 28el yagi is cheaper and 1.4db more
gain and a 44el around 16 Euro's dearer and over 4db more gain than
the flat panel.

73 Ray GM4CXM

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