1.2Ghz and 10Ghz in Ireland...

Tony Gallagher <tony_g_ireland@...>

Hi everyone,
I posted here a few months ago about becoming opperational on ghz from
Ireland, here's the update....
Myself ei4ghb, ei3ix and ei7fab are still waiting on our transverters
for 10ghz to arrive. We have the dishes and IF rigs. The txvrt's were
ordered in January. Grrrr!
Also, I had a 23cm Kenwood FM only rig which I sold and will be buying
a Khune 23cm txvrt soon enough as FM wasnt really suited for Dx, so I
hope to be talking with you all soon enough! I'm in IO52qq, but will
be opperational from hilltops all over Ireland!!!

73's for now....

tony_g_ireland AT yahoo DOT com


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