MML 384MHZ source/LO

Chris Ruddy MM0KOS

Hi All

Im looking for a circuit diagram for a MML 384MHZ LO source
thought to be part of a transverter. I dont have any documentation on
the item but all i can see is one of the PCBs inside the black box is
marked with MML070/2/2and there are 2 PCBs in the main black box. The
unit givesout (I may be wrong) 384MHZ at 10w on one side of the box,
the middle plug is wired the same as the transverter posted here mmtech.htm and the last plug gives 6mw for the RX
section of the transverter I think. the transverter is not the same as
the one on the site posted.

Thanks Chris MM0KOS

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