VHF/UHF conetst 1-2 /03/08

bart_ghz <shf2@...>

Hello to you all,

Last weekend I tested my 3cm gear and all seems to work.Made 2 qso's
(ON and F).This weekend,if the weather is not to bad,I hope to be
active again during the VHF/UHF contest.I will only have 3 cm and
internet (KST,and mayby skype if my pc can handle it).

The portable locatoion will be JO20SS.The system will be an 70cm dish
and 3W in the feed.
Callsign will be on7bv/p I hope to hear/work some of the UK stations.

Next time I'll hope to have 23 cm also,but I still have to build the
pa and make a smaller antenna.The 1,5m parabolic dish is a bit to
large to put up with the current portable setup.


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