Re: DB6NT Preamp 24GHz

David Wrigley <zen130696@...>

Hi Mark,
I have it somewhere- It was in Dubus I think.
I'll have look tomorrow - if I remember - if I don't - remind me

David G6GXK

Mark GM4ISM wrote:

Of course I forgot to say its for 24GHz

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*From:* Mark GM4ISM <>
*Sent:* Sunday, February 24, 2008 11:32 AM
*Subject:* [ukmicrowaves] DB6NT Preamp

Hi all,
Does anyone have a copy (preferably electronic) of the cct diagram
for the early DB6NT 3 stage preamp, (the one with discrete couplic
I have a couple of bare boards, and want to get them running.
What gain and nf should I get from one of these correctly aligned?
(WG input version)


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