Re: IO73

Ray <gm4cxm@...>

Thanks Mike, much appreciated.
I will endeavor to leave my 4x 44el's beaming IO73 and the rig on
1297.500 FM in the hope of a contact at the weekend.
73 Ray GM4CXM

150w available but will be backed off for FM!

--- In, "g4blh" <g4blh@...> wrote:

Hi Ray,

Gerald OGI normally only has low power on 23cms (mW).
I have sent him an Email asking what he will be using, will
post it on here when I get the reply.
With reference to Gerald GW4OIG potential North Wales SOTA
activations this coming weekend, Gerald has Emailed me the following

"At the moment I have been using the beam horizontal, though I will
be making an adaptor plate before the activation so it can be
used vertically polarised. I will be taking a small 3.2m pole with
me and can drop this to change polarisation if needs be. I think
horizontal polarisation will have the best potential for distance
contacts, but realise not everyone has a beam.

The nominal power will be 280mW from the handheld - no power
amplifier as yet and unlikely to get one sorted by the weekend. I
have plans for a Mitsubishi brick to give be 10 watts or more

Regards, Mike G4BLH

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