Re: Beacon power monitoring using Electronic Warfare techniques

Chris G8BKE

Interesting....... but would propagation issues on site such as wet moving bushes and reflections off the tower not be a problem?

73 de Chris G8BKE

One solution I've been pondering is to have an on-site broadband harmonic
mixer that covers all the beacon frequencies (except 47GHZ :-) driven from
a programmable synthesizer like that "Independednt Microwave Radio" design
of a while back in Scatterpoint. Then, by appropriate choice of synthesizer
frequency each beacon can be mixed down to an IF and the level measured.
That way, the EIRP of each beacon can be measured off-air . There would
obviously have to be a fair bit of on-site calibration needed, and a broad
band antenna, but if the Electronic Warfare people can cover UHF to blue
light in a single receiver, I'm sure we can too!

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