Re: Draft UKUG Contest Calendar/Rules for 2008

Chris G8BKE

A few comments peaking purely from a portable operators point of view :-

1. The inclusion of yet another band with 5.6 and 10Ghz risks the "complaint" from the 5.6/10Ghz only operators that time will be spent aligning on 24GHz thus diluting the activity on the lower two bands. On a more personal note, as with Martin 'UKV, another band to take out portable with 5.6 and 10GHz means even more gear to cram in the car and I'm afraid one band could be left at home as a result. On the plus side it does mean that it will allow the use of a lower band to allow dish alignment for 24Ghz.

2. 24GHz is inevitably used for alignment on 47 and 76GHz so the wisdom of dropping it as a scoring band in its own right from the 47/76GHz events is to be questioned? Why not keep it as a scoring band and thus together with the "new" 5.6/10/24GHz event increase the chances of a 24GHz QSO when band conditions are good?

3. July for a 47/76GHz event may produce pleasant weather for operating but it has been seen over the past years that warm and sometimes humid weather at this time is not conducive to low path loss on the mm bands. Thus is it not worth dropping the July event or moving it earlier or later in the year.

73 de Chris G8BKE

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