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Liviu Babi <electronicguest@...>

Dear Keith,

I use for portable 23 cm operation a small 15 elements yagi, home - made, after DL6WU design software. The construction it's very simple. It was made from copper heat system pipe, 1,5 m long boom and 15 mm diameter; copper 2.5 mm diameter (electrical cables) for elements. Soldered togheter. The adaptation was made from copper-teflon semirig coax.  DL6WU design software will explain you all operations.  

I do not like big (long) antenna for por portable operation. 

My ideea it's not to have small angle in contests. You can easy stack 2 or 4 antenna for better results.

For small antenna also very easy to find a place in the car.

The best results I had with 80 cm, dish antenna (prime focus type) and home made circular feed horn.

Have 23 cm DB6NT transverter 20W out.


73's YO4FNG




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Hello Keith.

I made my own fit-in-a-suitcase sized one according to the standard
DL6WU design software. No, it's not 'SOTA', but it sure was fun to use
from high locations around the UK back in March-April! There was a
picture including it in Scatterpoint around that time. What you're
planning seems to also suggest a need for mechanical durability, another
significant issue!

Somehow, I don't think small size and 'SOTA' can occur together....

Best 73,

Doug Friend, VK4OE,
Brisbane, Australia.

g8hxe wrote:
> Looking for a reasonably small and lightweight beam antenna for 23cm
> SOTA activity.
> The best choice to me looks like the TONNA 23 element or
> possibly the 35 element (a bit big and heavy), does anyone have
> experience of using these in a portable (ie carrying the thing on a
> backpack) environment ?
> Or maybe somebody could suggest something else - looking mainly for SSB
> usage.
> Keith.

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