Re: 23 cms Mobile Antenna designs

Chris G8BKE

I used a Big Wheel antenna quite successfully mobile for some time...the design originated in VHF Comms magazine Edition 4, 1979. It comprised 3 wire loops each 22.2cm long in a clover leaf configuration soldered to a N type bulkhead connector, on end of each loop soldered to the centre spigot, the other 3 ends soldered to ground.

As its quite a compact antenna they can be stacked too.

One can also re-dimension a 2meter halo antenna for 23 cms too.

Both are for horizontal polarisation operation.

73 de Chris G8BKE

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Mobile Antenna designs

Hi all in the group i wonder if any of you guys have any designs please for a 23 cms mobile ant .
Possibly 5/8 over 5/8 etc or somthing a bit more exotic.
Wanted for repeater work (GB3BK) which will be on air soon .
Anything appreciated .
Regards Todd

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