Re: 23 cms Mobile Antenna designs

Chris Bartram <yahoo@...>

When I was last active mobile on 23cm mobile - I hate to think how many years
ago - I used a cloverleaf. I still have it somewhere. Although 'Alford' slot
antennas have a bit more gain, they are pretty unwieldy beasties at 1.3GHz,
particularly when mounted on cars... A cloverleaf, mounted on a 10mm dia mast
- which can be made to fit safely on a standard gutter mount - can easily sit
a couple of wavelengths above the roof of the vehicle, ensuring that most of
the energy is on the horizon, not wasted in high angle lobes. The relatively
high phase centre also means that the antenna has a reasonable chance of
seeing over hedges.

I couldn't recommend it now, but at one stage I had the cloverleaf mounted on
a 1.5m mast fixed to the centre of the roof of the muTek Transit van. It was
guyed to the four corners of the roof. I seem to remember G4SJP working a
French station at 4-500km with that and a 2W transverter while we were
driving up the M5 in Somerset one year during VHF NFD...

Vy 73


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