Re: dish building

Mike Willis <m.j.willis@...>

The reason for my comment on the 6m dish in GM portable was to do with the practicality of it when the weather is bad - moderately strong winds could easily produce several tonnes of wind loading on a 6m solid dish. On decent site, the wind could be strong, that is why so many wind farms are being built in Scotland.

A 6m dish is very large to transport, even if folded in two. Fixed, by all means if you have the space. Personally, I would go the mesh route initially simply to reduce the wind loading.


Mike- I dont see why not to have a 4 or 6m dish in GM land, why not,
there was a 6m dish here before but not sure if it was used or who
has it now, the whole point of the dish is the challenge of building
and using it with others local to me who are also interested in
amateur radio and have more of a sound knowledge than me in the
microwave bands and would like to have the use of it and for me to
learn a bit more in the hobby. Maybe our project is a bit on the big
side but i can say i tried and if i fail, i fail and if i succeed
then lets see what we can do with it on EME as it would be too
narrow for tropo, but we can always look at the 4x 35 ele for tropo.
On the portable side im looking at designing it so the dish can be
halved then folded again at the outer edge to make it smaller in the
transport position

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