dish building

Chris Ruddy MM0KOS

Hi All

Has anyone here tried to build ther own dish from fibreglass, i have
all the data to build the dish but dont want to build it from mesh as
it will probably be used /p at times and be thrown about a bit,
storage is a problem and with metal in the weather conditions in
im planning on a 4m dish first then maybe a 6m dish if all goes ok
and will either be an 8 or 4 petal dish, im thinking of using
fibreglass rod (4 or 6mm) to strengthen from the back with 4 alloy
15mm square sections to support the septum (or less if i use a patch
feed) and help keep the shape of the dish from the back. and a piece
of 10mm ally plate that all the 15mm box sections will bolt or have
some way of being inserted on to it
For the mould im using an insulating type foam board that can be
roughed down with a wire brush then sanded to a finer finish.
I have a dish stand suitable for the project that i hope to build
into a small trailer that will keep all the parts together when
dissasembled for transporting
Has anyone any other ideas how i could strenthen or ideas they have
used on their own project or anything they feel they could chip in for

Thanks Chris MM0KOS

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