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Chris Ruddy MM0KOS

Hi Michael

BE WARNED, I had a little problem when i ordered from
When tried to purchase an amplifier from the guy at the
other end did not send it, had made no effort to send it and was
only wanting the cash. i had the code from Royal Mail that the
package was ment to be in, and it didnt exsist. After a couple of
weeks of trying to get my cash back and a few threats i was sending
in the fraud department from my bank and trading standards did i get
my cash back!!!
you can phone he guy- no answer
you can leave your number- seems like he doesnt have a phone
you can email the guy- slow to reply, usually about 3 days between
after posting a few mesages to various groups i found i was not the
only one, there where about 5 or 6 others, there may be more in the
same boat as me but i think i came off lucky the others may still be
waiting and some have been waiting more than a year.
If you want a QUALITY product with EXCELLANT service and no B.S.
order here they will have you
sorted quickly think my amplifier here in about a week and at half
the price also

If you want a copy of the emails from both end they can be supplied

Thanks Chris MM0KOS

--- In, "Michael" <mschonborn@...>

Hi there,

just to shortly introduce myself. My name is Michael G7IDJ and I
new to the forum. The reason for joining the forum is my interest
become active in the world of Microwaves. So far I have been using
6m,4m,2m and 70cms in my B-licence days and later I have become a
little bit active on HF but I am slightly disillusioned with the
Band operation i.e. the 5-9-bye contacts. So I am trying to widen
horizon and have decided to look towards the higher bands.

At the moment I am thinking of utilising an old FT290 which I was
about to dispose off and to buy a transverter for 1296MHz from
My first question is to see whether anybody has had any experience
with the transverter and what to look out for?
I am intending to go for the 25W module.

I also do have some interest in having a go at fastscan ATV on
Again I am looking to buy some boards from I think
are the only reasonably low cost way to get into ATV - is this

To keep cost down for now I am thinking to mainly use PC computer
equipment with a video out interface to generate the images and
putting it into the transmitter and to possibly use a box standard
with a scart socket for the receiver. Has anyone got some
having been down this road and also the time to just comment on

Also what are the activity levels in South Yorkshire and beyond.
QTH is near Barnsley with a reasonable take off to the east
Hull and Lincoln and to the North towards but struggling to beam
South and West due to a hill and the Penines.

As far as activity levels are concerned would 23cm be the best
or it advisable to look to higher frequencies?

thanks for your help and support in advance!

73 de Michael, G7IDJ
For now

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